Bucky Fuller said that a generalised principle needs to be true in all cases.

Remember when you were a kid and you used to play with bar magnets? These are hard to find now, as a bar magnet can seriously disrupt electronics, and indeed are illegal to take on planes.

The magnetic field is that space that a bar magnet creates where things like iron filings are attracted to the magnet. The field is a forever field. It might have an observable dimension depending on the size of the magnet, however just because you are 1 million miles away doesn’t mean the field of a bar magnet is not present. We simply do not have the fine tuned instruments to read the field.

Similarly with light…the light from a match might be reflected or refracted, but its field is eternal.

We are all constantly in a field of some kind, be that the magnetic field, the field of light, or the field of a culture and community.

When a business creates a field with aligned intention, be that field the interior of the business or the exterior, that field shapes those who interact within that field.

My daughter’s school had the most amazing field. You could feel/sense it the moment you walked across the boundary. Love, care, respect. It was embedded into the activity, the buildings, the layout, the teaching and the leadership of the school.

During the height of the Global Financial Crisis, when I was doing work for one of Australia’s big banks, you would walk into the head office and feel the fear in the field. Layoffs pending…

As stewards of business, one of our most important roles is to care for the field. To pay attention to the field. To keep it healthy. To remove signals in the field that are not aligned with how you want the people in the field to respond and be.

Mr. Einstein knew the power of the field, as all things, living and non living, are made of particles.

The question is, as a leader, do you know the power of the field? And what are you doing about field care and management?


Photo credit:Creative Commons License Windell Oskay via Compfight

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