Finding gratitude in the mundane

The thousand and one things we step over every day.

Taken for granted. 

This is how entitlement and the superior taint of privilege are generated.

When we discount the mundane.

Our ability to move on the legs or the absence of legs we have.

Our ability to speak, or not.

To dress as we please.

To vote.

To witness a sunrise. 

To breathe clean air.

To smile or not smile.

To protest. 

To go to a market and purchase food.

To have health care, education.

Cultivating gratitude in the ‘mundane’ as a daily habit is to remember that we are but one small unexpected step from being reduced to nothing. Illness, tragedy, events beyond our control. It is also to remember how lucky we are. 

It keeps us humble. 

Humility is the key to accessing deep compassion.

Photo taken February 15th 2022

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