Finding the full throttle of our voice

I read an article yesterday about how fear never goes away. Fear is a useful emotion. It prevents us from doing life and death risky things. It also prevents us from stepping into our full authority – our authorship. 

In the context of this blog, I am writing about fear of being liked, right, nice, good, applauded or not, rejected, accepted…the whole mishmash of wanting to be in the ‘in’ group.

The paradox is that when we speak to what matters to us more than our want to be liked, or nice…we find the full throttle of our voice.

If the purpose we hold is far bigger than us, if it might take beyond our lifetime to bring to fruition, if it is big enough that to not speak is impossible, no matter the cost, we quickly get over our want to be liked and part of the ‘in’ group.

From this place, fear disappears. It becomes a faint whiff of emotion that we rise above because the vision we hold for our purpose is so much bigger than that fear.

There is a liberation in this. Now we can dedicate all of our attention towards bringing that purpose to life as elegantly as possible and stop obsessing over whether people will like us, or our message.

Photo taken May 25th 2021

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