Finding the sacred

In the everyday. During times of intense emotional and physical pain. 

This is the task and challenge. 

When I was lost in the depths of my own disintegration, it was being present to the sacred that gave me the thread out. Witnessing a sunrise every day. The adorable character of my little dog Milly. The taste of chocolate. The real taste of chocolate. Not the rush of pleasure, rather the experience of the exquisite.

The sacred reminds us that we are not the almighty beings we think we are. It gives us a perspective that keeps our ego in check.

I remember during times of intense emotional pain knowing, even then, that this pain would provide richness to my life at some future date. I would be able to reference it when supporting others going through their own unravelling. To be with them in full empathy. Able to be vulnerable with another. 

The sacred forms the ground of our being. Without it life loses all colour and meaning.

To look at a star and contemplate that the light you are seeing is 26,000 years old…this is to stand in awe of the sacred.

Photo taken May 15th 2022

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