Finding the wild and untamed

We like neat, order. Houses built with straight lines, all the edges matching. Cubes and squares, folded. 

A forest creates itself to enable life, defying straight lines, finding order in what might appear chaos. 

The ocean today is a white wash of wild, yelling loudly that humans might enter at the cost of their life. “I will swallow you up, spit you out like a cork. Toss you effortlessly. Tomorrow I might become a lake, but today crazy, wild, untamed is my way. I revel in my wild.

Somewhere in our depths is a part of each of us that remains wild. Refuses to be cubed. Boxed. Conforming to straight lines. 

To call on our wild, to bring it forth, serves creativity, adventure, discovery, wayfinding on the frontiers. 

Not always welcome, definitely required. Our wild needs an occasional stage. It is our own edge, our own re-defining impulse.

Photo taken April 6th 2021

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