First Principles of a Syntropic Enterprise

When we get caught up in the busy-ness of life and work, when we are squeezed of the time to communion with that which we have been gifted to steward, be that an idea, a child, a garden or a relationship, going back to First Principles becomes urgent.

Evolutionary Purpose

Know why you are doing what you are doing. How will you know specifically that your work has achieved the purpose.

Source Idea and its Pattern Integrity

Go back to the moment the Source Idea arrived – connect to the emotion, the flavours, the particularities of the idea. This is the Pattern Integrity. It will be clearly evident no matter what form you express the idea.

As the Steward of the Source Idea be in communion with it

You are not the idea and the idea is not yours to own. It is yours to steward to life. This is a dynamic relationship. It requires intimate communion.

Create the boundary between the enterprise and the ecology in which it is going to come to life. 

This threshold or membrane is both porous, dynamic and protective and has polarity built in by design to hold its shape. Use some version of the Trust Manifesto to define the boundary.

What is the next step? Not the third or tenth step. Just the next step?

Trust the very next step. Quite often we ignore this step because it is too obvious, too simple, or too hard. Only when we take the next step will the step after that be revealed.

Photo taken April 28th 2022

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