Perspective is an interesting thing. We all know we can be looking at the same object from a different perspective and see something completely different.

We might get spun up into the argument of who is right or wrong. We might spend our whole lives in this argument. 

Imagine that – trapped in a drama loop – the ultimate drug.  Stronger than any drug on the market.

I know this drama drug well. That delicious feeling of righteous indignation. I like being right. 

Liking being right is a finite game, as it means that you (or the other) is wrong. I then get to flex my muscle of superiority. For that fleeting moment I feel good about myself. I get to feel better than you, or the other.

Superiority, the telltale sign of domination and colonisation.

Domination and colonisation is the drug the Western World has been deeply addicted to for a very long time. Some of us are only now awakening to the addiction. Our indigenous and enslaved communities know it well, for they have been at the effect of it, with a cost we cannot describe, or ever repay. 

The obscene wealth of the world has only come about through some form of colonisation and exploitation. Yet our cultural story is still worshipping at the altar of success that costs the earth and her precious creatures..including us.

We must name it for what it is. To do that we must first see how we manifest colonisation in ourselves.

To inquire into our own addiction to being right, to being superior, to making the other wrong, to wanting access and privilege and fearing the loss of ours if others have it as well…these are tell-tale signs.

Finding ourselves arguing for our rights without naming our responsibility, another tell-tale sign.

Seeking to stratify and classify, to impose a caste system…again an impulse to superiority and domination.

The desire to dominate nature, to bend her to our will. To consider that we walk the earth with superiority to all other living things, that she is there for our taking in whatever form we want.

Perhaps there is no right and wrong? Perhaps there is only partial truth? 

Perhaps we might better spend our time moving our perspectives to see as many perspectives as we are able, rather than getting caught in the drama drug of one?

Or even better, consider (I love this word so…it means to be with the stars) who profits (profit of money, fame and/or domination) is made by keeping us drugged on drama? As such, if we find ourselves trapped in the drama, even if it feels so incredibly right while the other is so incredibly wrong, we might notice that there is a larger game going on, one that is finite for us all, even those we currently feel are dead wrong, and that the distraction we are trapped in has been created deliberately to keep us busy, our attention drawn into the fighting on the ground? Not created by some dark global cartel, or Illuminati, but by those who have a vested interest in the very system that supports the continuation of colonisation and domination. Not only are we pawns in this game, oftentimes we defend it, for we too get to profit.

If we take the meta perspective, the omni inclusive whole systems view, we might notice some features worthy of attention.

The most obvious one is that the polarisation of the world is ratcheting up. There is an accelerated acceleration of division.

Families fractured from civil conversations. Friends divorced. People protesting violently and with deep malice in their hearts. Lies told by leaders shamelessly and without retribution. The breakdown in mental health a true epidemic. The absolute carelessness of our major industries and companies to anything other than financial and power accumulation.

We need polarity in any system for it to hold its shape. 

A cell membrane, atoms…the positive and negative charge are essential to existence. 

The dance of emergence is not in equilibrium, for perfect equilibrium is stasis and stasis is death – to be alive we need to move – but a vibration between the positive and negative charge. 

Bucky Fuller would say we orbit in love. Like Goldilocks porridge, not too close, not too far. 

When we get too much positive charge, too much nice, too much consensus, the system will collapse into itself. Implode into an amorphous undifferentiated heap.

When we get too much negative charge, when the divisiveness is amplified, then explosion is imminent. The energy must be discharged. 

This is the world I am experiencing now. Explosion is imminent.

There will be an inciting incident. A spark that lights the flame. It will be unpredictable. It will come from an unexpected place. And the result will be, in time, a total transformation of most everything we know. (This is the theory of dissipative structures, proposed by Ilya Prigogine and taught in the Syntropic Masterclass – the state prior to transformation is called perturbation.)

Many might have thought COVID was the inciting incident. But no, it has only increased the divisiveness. 

There will be something else, for the accumulated charge must be discharged. 

We as humanity, do not have to choose this path. We might all unhook from the drama drug, from our addictions to righteousness and domination. We might shun the ground level drama, the endless news cycle, the rabbit holes of social media, and choose instead to focus on the more beautiful world we know is possible. We might know that when there is a cyclone of drama around an issue the best thing we can do is withdraw and gain perspective, for being in the drama cyclone is only fuel for its continuation. 

In my early years I worked as a primary health care practitioner. It stunned me endlessly that people with a health condition who needed a lifestyle change in order to live longer most often chose to ignore the lifestyle change…in other words, they chose early death rather than change. 

My prognosis for our immediate current time therefore is not great. People do not like change and the drama drug is so delicious.

Will people choose to unhook from the drama drug? 

I think not. 

This means the inciting incident is on some soon horizon. (I must be mindful not to seek to be ‘right’ on this..that colonial impulse is strong in us.)

Yet we might be prepared. We might choose our days attending to what we can do now.


Care more. Love more. 

Laugh a whole lot more. 


Know we can be the change and that it starts inside with us. 

Do work that adds real value to others and a world with a future.

Be Syntropic – leave everything we touch better. 

Do not try to fix the broken. Build new models that make the existing obsolete.

Be a great citizen. Recognise that all our choices affect others. 

Take responsibility for all our choices. 

Cultivate our own power. Not over, but from within. Which includes extreme comfort with our own vulnerability, one of the most powerful skills we can cultivate.

Challenge our desire to be better than, superior than…behind this lies a small inner person who needs love, not neglect. And a firm clear hand when this part of ourselves seeks attention.

Spend time with others who love and care, who hold integrity as the essence of everything worth living for. 

To simplfy. Choose life, joy, love, active engagement and possibility. 

Or – more drama, more violence, more victimhood, and in that, more colonisation and domination.

Part of the Pattern Integrity of Syntropic World is to focus on the more beautiful world we can create. 

One where there is zero exploitation, zero extraction to extinction, zero colonisation. 

Let’s roll up our sleeves and invite beauty and love to partner with us as we create this together. 

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