For nearly 20 years I have gone to the pool and swum at least 3.5 kms three times a week, rarely missing a session. Recently I joined a new small squad and my times are what they were 20 years ago.

I love swimming. I love the water. I love the sport.

Love makes it easy to get up week after week, year after year…decade after decade. I love the way it makes me feel, the shape it gives my body, the challenge of constantly reaching for perfection.

Swimming is a very technical individual sport. Once you have the basics of the stroke (and there are four to learn), the rest is about micro- mastery. The aim…how to move through the water with greater ease and speed.

It is the pursuit of this that keeps me coming back. And the feeling of hitting the sweet spot, where you move as one with the water.

Micro-mastery and micro-change fascinates me. One very small change changes everything.

In the case of swimming micro-mastery and micro-change is about becoming more connected with the water.

So often we focus on major change. Yet so often it is the micro-change, the trim-tab, that initiates the most profound changes of all. History is littered with the spark igniting a field primed for change.

The work of Polly Higgins and her intent to bring in the law of ecocide into international law is an example of this.

Tarek al-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi is another…in his act of literally flaming himself to death the Arab spring unfolded. This particular story is only in the very early chapters of unfolding.

Rosa Parks, another.

The city of Curitiba Brazil, and its choice to implement a complimentary currency…bus tokens for sorted garbage collection…back in the late 70’s, and the effects this created…another.

Our addiction to big, bold, shiny, expensive…limits the creativity of possibility.

Our major systems in Universe need to change. But are we looking in the right places? Are we seduced by the big, expensive…the “I need to raise money for this” changes…when right under our noses the micro-change is possible?

Photo credit: JD Lasica via Compfight




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