Fractals within fractals

If we hold an intention for a way of being in the future, if we spend our days wanting to lead change, then we must live the very change in how we do everything today.

The pattern we set in how we go about things, our relationships, systems and structures that we use to do things, must be a fractal pattern of the change we are seeking to make. 

If we fail to do this our Pattern Integrity is dissonant, and no matter our efforts, we will miss the mark and fail in our intention.

The pattern we want in the world, the way we want to see change happen and be lived, must be the very way we do things at the level of home. 

So many wholehearted leaders with good intentions fail at this. They fail to apply the very principles and patterns, systems and structures that they are seeking to change out there, in the future, to the what and how they are doing things to make this change in the now.

Set the fractal pattern of change in your enterprise as the template for the fractal change you intend to create in the world. 

This is how we lead Syntropic Enterprise. 

Photo taken August 25th 2021

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