From protection to partnering with nature

Our Western culture started with nature as an object to be exploited, extracted from, pillaged, colonised. 

The new mode is to protect it from ourselves. Such a strange impulse when you think about it.

Given we humans are nature?

Protect ourselves from ourselves?

The future now we are invested in at Syntropic World is to be nature, to partner with ourselves, with nature.

To honour her majesty of coordination, timeless knowledge, exquisite adaptation and resilience. 

To learn from her, applying her tested over billions of years methods and processes, her systems of coordination, to all that we do, discarding in the process our human constructed systems that are completely dissonant to nature.

To end the separation. 

Naive? Not at all. 

We only have to experience the stunning magnificence of any birth to know we and our clasping for superiority and domination over nature is but hubris on steroids. 

I can see Mother Nature smile. 

Photo taken March 13th 2022

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