Futuring – a verb – to create the future

There is a lot we do not know. Change that we are unable to predict. Technology that throws everything onto a new timeline.

Yet, despite all of this, we can hold the space for a future we want.

There are qualities and characteristics to hold. 

Compassion as a normal act – regardless of identity, race, gender, or any of the other ‘to keep conquered keep divided’ tropes we have adopted.

The breakdown of knowledge, access, status, power, wealth asymmetries.

Soul care for our beautiful earth and her creatures.

Systems that place life and increased aliveness, and our future, as the design code.

Communities that create governance structures that dignify all. 

Truth, integrity, transparency as operating principles.

The practice of futuring starts with the act of being and doing all that we aspire to today. 

Photo taken June 24th 2021 

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