Our current business world is a give and take kind of place. “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” This is reciprocity, not generosity.

Generosity is not about getting back. Generosity is about giving with clean intent in the act of giving. It has to start from the place of abundance. You cannot give generously from a place of lack.

People who are unable to be generous are driven by scarcity and lack. People who act with generosity are keyed into the abundance of the Universe. It has little to nothing to do with how much you have to give.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Entrepreneurship is hard. You will not be a successful entrepreneur without the generous acts of others.[/inlinetweet]

That sentence is worth deep contemplation.

Most successful entrepreneurs know this, having learned it the hard way. For in the learning we either move towards greater generosity or we contract further into scarcity.

2.23am has been given wings by the generous acts of many people. In their generosity I have been touched by the wonder of the human soul in its greatest expression. This makes me a better person. My gratitude is infinite.


Photo credit: City Year via Compfight

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