Good business?

What exactly is good business? Is it extracting maximum profit by cutting corners, offering substandard service, reducing staff?

Is it where the captains of businesses that exploit and extract are revered for their business smarts? 

Is it the billionaire class? Money and power?

Is it commodifying human rights? Age and child care, education, health?

Is it empires built from money making money from money – the rentier class – no real value offered?

Or is good business providing real value. Actual products and services that we need as humans to survive and thrive?

Is it paying people a living wage? Considering the all-in-costs? Seeing profit as a beautiful outcome of doing, delivering and creating art and dignity?

There is a correction coming in the affairs of men. The tension between those who have and those who do not is reaching breaking point. Our Earth is at breaking point. Throw in a few wars and the threat of nuclear war, and we are standing on an abyss of change.

Will we choose, after the chaos, to create really good business? 

My prayer as I work towards supporting Syntropic Enterprises as the normal way we ‘do business’ is that we choose wisely for a world with a future for earth and all her creatures.

Photo taken March 30th 2022

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