Gratitude, privilege and justice

Each day my gratitude becomes deeper, more conscious, every present. 

To the point I am grateful even when things are going “wrong.”

Grateful for my birth, for the lottery of my birth. For the access and privilege I have had being born into a country that has attempted, till now, imperfectly, to be egalitarian.

My privilege is only now becoming more grounded in my awareness. For so much of my life I took it for granted. Yet to consider my privilege my right when so many people are suffering in every way is the very essence of a world that needs to mature towards greater justice.

Justice…not just a simple justice, rather a transformative justice. One that enables justice to be served without leaving the seeds for more injustice to flourish. 

Gratitude, privilege and justice live in the little things as a daily practice. To bow in gratitude. To be supremely aware of my privilege and never demand it. To speak constantly to justice. To speak for those who are at the cruel hands of injustice. To never step over acts of injustice as someone else’s problem.

My privilege means I have the responsibility to be a stand for justice, not just locally but globally. To Earth. To all her creatures.

This is my work. I am grateful I have the opportunity and the support of so many others equally committed to the arc of transformative justice.

Photo taken August 31st 2021

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