Greed is the hungry ghost feeding off a bottomless pit of emptiness

Once upon a time there was a greedy little caterpillar that ate up all the leaves.

Until there were no leaves left.

Not for this little caterpillar, or for any other caterpillar, insect, or human.

Dear people, we need to have a conversation about what is enough.

Enough food, enough clothing, enough time, enough money, enough work, enough control, enough power.

Greed is the hungry ghost feeding off a bottomless pit of emptiness. 

It speaks to such a depth of lack – lack of self, lack of love, lack of self regard.

I watch leaders in our geopolitical and economic world so thoroughly trapped in the web of greed for power, control, dominance, money – the price of admission payable by any means – from casual and regular lying, to backstabbing, to blackmail, to genocide.

I see their hungry ghost. There will never be enough for them.

The suffering left in the wake of their greed becomes impossible for humanity to bear. 

Yet I also watch as an upper middle class accumulates beyond any sense of enoughness – run by fear – and in the process denying access or opportunity to their children or those of lesser means, all the while consuming black holes in our home planet.

A reset is imminent. The polarity is reaching breaking point.

Photo taken April 7th 2022

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