Have our cake and eat it too

Free speech but no to hate, misogyny, trolling, or opinions contrary to yours.

Fitness but no to strength or endurance pain, giving up sleep-ins, and certain foods.

Consensus but also clearly directed. Going somewhere. Who gets to direct?

Free markets but no exploitation, corruption, insider trading.

Everyone has my lifestyle options, but not at the cost of the planet.

Everyone has a say, but decisions need to be made, eventually.

Free – but need to be valued.

Anti-regulation, except, of course, for unions, which need to be regulated.

Have our cake and eat it too. 

Anything absent from its complementary pair is a form of domination that leads to corruption and wealth disparity.

100% consensus fails.

100% free speech fails.

100% anti-regulation, and we become a cesspit of greed.

Democracy is about opposition. Opposition keeps us honest.

Just has having a team who will not let us get away with our BS keeps us in integrity.

The problem is (1) when we have a singularity and monopoly, which we see evidence of more and more. The media monopoly and 5 or 6 tech companies dictating terms for the world. (2) when one of the complementary pairs becomes too extreme. Too much consensus is equally as bad but differently so, as too much power and control.

Designing polarity into everything and then managing the move to either extreme, is a critical role of a Steward Leader of a Syntropic Enterprise.


Photo Taken July 1st 2023