Welcome to the second episode of season #1. It is my great pleasure to have Hiro Boga as today’s guest.

I have been working with Hiro for the last year, having participated in both of her programs. I recommend anyone interested in a more whole expression of life and business to work with Hiro. I don’t say this lightly as there are few teachers I do recommend. Hiro I recommend without reservation.

(This interview was recorded at my end while sitting outside by the river in the sun. You will hear the birds and at one point, a dog, in the background. Rather than find them distracting, I invite you to picture the scene of a beautiful sun filled morning, the sunlight sparkling off the river, birds singing away, while this rich conversation was occurring across the Pacific. (Queensland and Canada) I went to this location to be away from other noise, but nature decided it wanted to participate. Another lesson learned in this podcast learning exercise.)

Hiro  is a writer, business strategist and mentor to visionary leaders who are dedicated to shaping a world in which service and profit, soul and entrepreneurship, work hand in hand to create peace and prosperity for everyone. Over the past three decades, Hiro has helped thousands of clients and students reclaim joy, freedom, creative power and sovereignty in their businesses, their relationships, and their lives.

 As a mentor and teacher, Hiro blends transformative energy technologies, the magic of story, and grounded spiritual practices with pragmatic business strategies.

 Hiro offers two signature group programs each year: Become Your Own Business Adviser and How To Rule Your World From The Inside Out: The Art Of Inner Leadership.

She also works privately with visionary leaders to bring their most creative visions to life through a skillful blend of inner and outer work. The results are both practical and profound.

 Explore her writing, current offerings, and a wealth of other resources at HiroBoga.com

Just this last week Hiro wrote a piece about the origins of her name. This article will add significant context to Hiro as a person. It moved me deeply. Find it here.

Show notes

Conscious of the presence of time

The act of completion, approaching the last 20 years of productive life

Mortality – a different relationship with time

Go hard or go home – Hiro would always go home

The shift from looking at yourself from the outside in, to looking at yourself from the inside out

Once you have given your business everything and you are depleted, what will show up is depletion in you and in the world of your business

Will power is an extremely limited resource. Use it like a condiment, rather than the main course

Do something each day that has no purpose related to your business – something you do just for love

It’s the things that you meet without an agenda that remind you of the truth of relationships. Agenda driven relationships are short term. They are transactional.

We are all born knowing who we are, knowing we have these amazing gifts and capacities – the process of growing up is learning how to negotiate the difference between the limitless capacities on a soul level and the limitations of a physical life.

There is a value to the individual life in the West that is not available in India.



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