Holding an important vision is not a popularity contest

Most of us want to be liked. We want to be seen as doing great work. We want praise and recognition.

But to do the hard work of transformation, to hold a vision for a world with a future, a better way to increase the success of 100% of humanity without ecological offence or the disadvantage of anyone, will require holding our nerve against the naysayers, the back-stabbers, the trolls, and even, at times, our team.

That does not mean we become belligerent, snappy, rude.

The purpose towards which we are moving needs to be greater than our own desire to be liked or seen as a nice, good person.

We have to care enough and care more for that future we are stewarding. 

At the same time, we might be mindful when our own thinking becomes rigid and fixed, to be sure we have a team around us with the capability to point out our own obstinance.

Stewarding a big vision for life requires a fierceness of intention and purpose. 

Photo taken July 1st, 2020