Holding the pain of our cruelty

My feet are in the sand. The morning sun is on my bare skin. My eyes are bathed by the incredible beauty of the Pacific Ocean, expressing one of her very calm moments. 

The sound of people out and about on this glorious Sunday morning adds to the background steadiness of waves breaking.

I wonder how anyone can so callously disregard beauty to rape and pillage Earth for some short-term shareholder return.

I wonder how broken we must be to inflict such cruelty on our home Planet and her creatures. 

I wonder how disconnected we have become from the nourishment of closeness to sand, earth, water and beauty.

Even sitting here for this moment, taking it all in, is an almost impossible task of accepting Nature’s bounty through my senses. The gifts on offer are overwhelming.

This is the tension, and the paradox, is it not? To be present to the gifts and the beauty while knowing and holding the pain of our cruelty.

Somewhere in-between that space, between those poles, we find our purpose to heal.

Photo Taken February 19th 2023

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