How do we evolve our own being to no longer be victims of anyone

On our Syntropic Advanced Program call this week we had a discussion about power. 

The question was asked, is power a human construct? And if so, if we took the power out of the word power, would this become a TrimTab for change? 

To power something is to provide the energy to get it to move, to do its job. We take the voltage (the energy source/pressure/tension) multiplied by the current/flow, to get power. Power therefore has flow and energy source inherent in its design. Someone with power must have the fuel/energy plus the ability to direct that fuel towards something/someone.

(Fuel/energy can be money, weapons, access, platforms, force, love, grace, integrity) 

Power is dynamic, not passive. It requires movement over time, as well as directionality. 

In Syntropic World the voltage is supplied by the Source Idea. It gives us the energy to act, and to keep acting even when it gets tough. Akin to a spark. The Evolutionary Purpose is the intention we hold for the future. Between the Source idea and the Evolutionary Purpose lives the flow, the current, what we have called the vector of power. 

The shadow side of power, its abusive use, is when power gets someone or something to move and act against their integrity, desire, or will. 

Power asymmetry occurs when a person or group has a greater ability to act than others. (More knowledge, more weapons, more land, more money, more size…etc)

Consider power as the force to move, to have something or someone move, to get our own bodies to move. 

To gather collective power is synergistic, and can be expressed in the positive or negative. This includes to gather the collective power of our multiple expressions as an individual.

When we hold the ability to act with power and potential force, we might ask if our power comes at the loss of power, the exploitation, extraction, or colonisation of another/earth?

Power is entwined with responsibility. More power, more responsibility. (Although current leadership is not enacting this, and indeed, often has zero interest in this.)

And for those of us who feel we do not hold the power, consider again. The greatest power we have, always available, is our sovereign choice in how we respond to perceived power. 

The TrimTab is found in our refusal to see power of another as domination. We get to choose how we act, how we respond, how we move with someone who appears to have the power. To not be a victim takes the power out of the bully.

We might ask how we evolve our own being to no longer be victims of anyone, or any circumstance. This is to find our power.

Photo taken April 1st 2021