How do we hold ourselves to our best?

We apply the law of synergy, surrounding ourselves with others who do not let us get away with our BS and insecurities.

There are certain characteristics of people who you might have on your synergistic team.

i. They care more about you than they care what you think of them, especially in the heat of the moment.

Being a stand for another means speaking the truth, as you see it, with love and care, but also without holding back. Sometimes this can be hard, it can feel harsh, it can make us uncomfortable.

ii. When they speak as a stand for us they are detached from the outcome, from being right, from having us agree with them. 

If they are attached to the opinion or comment they made then they care more about themselves and being right than they care about supporting us. 

iii. They hold the space for us to make our own choices, allowing the learning cycle to be reflected in our choices, neither seeking righteousness nor betterment, rather stewarding the field for us to reach our own conclusions, learning along the way. 

Photo taken January 18th 2022

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