On this beautiful dawn lies a sea of conflict. I stand here, the energy of the sun penetrating my bones, fueling me through human photosynthesis, knowing that even as I am blessed with life and the opportunity to drink in the gorgeousness of this morn, others are waking to grief, and loss.

How do we live in a world so divided? Where tragedy partners with beauty? Where each day we can choose a slippery slope of despair, or, instead to gaze at the dawn sun and be reminded of life?

Today I have the luxury of gazing with ease, despair and loss are in distant circles of my being. But I know that on another day, a random other day, I will gaze at this same sun, and perhaps may not be able to see it, as my heart will be broken.

It is this, isn’t it, that unites us as humanity.? The certain knowing that perhaps not my grief today, but surely in some tomorrow.

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