How do we raise our children?

We are the canvas our children paint themselves upon.

What is the example we set?

Do we ensure our children, no matter what our economic or ecological circumstance, respect others, act with consideration and are not too entitled to clean their room, do the ironing, wash dishes, clean the toilet, cook?

Do we speak with venom towards others, our mouths a cesspit of ugliness? Or have we done the hard inner work of finding peace within?

Are we an example or health, fitness, outdoor activities, resilience, ingenuity?

Or do we point to the world out there, to all that is wrong, to blame and be the victim rather than the actor with the capacity to make change?

Do we teach our children to solve problems, ask wonderful questions, seek for answers? To build things, create, make? To challenge media? Dig deeper. Not accept the status quo? 

Do we give our children a ground of their own value, honouring their differences and peculiarities? Or do we desire them to be carbon copies of everyone else?

Do we create a safe shameless place for our children to come to us to speak of anything? 

I could well ask all of these questions in consideration of my business and the people who work with us and for us.

Photo taken March 29th 2020

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