How to be a great partner

To be able to lead when needed.

To follow when others are more capable of leading.

To hold all other partners as complimentary and synergistic. Therefore different, and necessary. They are not you, do not have your skills or worldview. Which is a blessing. Because you multiplied only gets more amplification of singular skills and world view.

A singular world view swallows all the oxygen in a team.

To be able to collaborate. To let your plans and opinions dissolve in the light of another better idea.

To move towards the goal and purpose ensuring everyone is moving towards the same.

To responsibly drop everything, everything, when one of your team needs to be held as they navigate the perils of being human.

With your partners to build a clear container for the partnership, with agreements, purpose, direction and understanding of contributions.*

To know what matters most. And to never violate the integrity of the partnership.

At Syntropic World we work with the Pattern Integrity of the original Source Idea and the *Trust Manifesto, the threshold crossing agreement that clearly states that we work together in a particular way towards the purpose we care about.

Photo Taken April 10th Tallow Beach, Byron Bay, 2021

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