How to be perfect

There are rainbows and there are rainbows. This one was perfect. The arch going strongly from start to finish.

Alive for such a short moment of time.

Yet even a partial rainbow is a delight to behold, reminding us of natures magnificence. 

I reflected on perfection as I was blessed with this short moment of perfection. 

Such a ridiculous thing to strive for, to have dictate our lives.

When we relax into being, we waiver in and out of perfection, like the rainbow. A partial glimpse is still perfect.

In the Masterclass of the ocean on my learning-to-surf journey, I was knocked down a peg or two on my learning spiral. Humbled, once again. The waves, the wind, me, my board, my mind…all tangled. 

Yet in my imperfection the sky, the ocean, the dolphins swimming nearby, all perfect. 

Even the best of the best surfers seek for those brief windows of perfection. It is the drug. To dip into the flow, to become one with the ocean and your board.

The paradox is that to achieve it we must give up striving.

Photo taken January 23rd 2022

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