How to collaborate

Hold the core intention of what all parties are bringing from imagination to form. If this core intention, Source Idea and its Pattern Integrity are not clear, then take the time to get it clear. This may take hours, days, weeks…This is the critical and often neglected step. Many failures to launch can be traced back to this failure.

Everyone participating drop into the liminal space of not knowing. This is a place of extreme present time.

Listen to understand the other’s perspective and ideas. This kind of listening is rare. It starts with the beginner’s mind. Our desire to bring the Source Idea and Pattern Integrity to life must be greater than our own opinion, need to be right, need to be heard, need to hold the power.

All collaboration falls down when we entangle our small individual needs that arise from our lack into the field of the collaboration. When we want the form of the idea to take a shape that suits our worldview, our desires, not the shape it needs to express to become fully alive. This is like a parent forcing their musical child to become a sports star.

Hold the knowing that out of the collective liminal space will emerge an option that is greater than anyone party participating in the collaboration.

Fall in delight when the emergent arises. It will be beautiful. It will carry the essence of each person involved in the collaboration, as well as their collective life experience that has been built and sustained by millions not present, going back through the arc of time.

This is the lived experience of synergy. When what we create in collaboration is far greater than we can create in isolation.

Living in synergy ensures our work and life is far greater than we could ever dream possible.

Collaboration is a commitment to something greater than ourselves. If we find collaboration difficult, we might consider that we are the problem.

Photo taken June 4th 2021

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