How to create a beautiful good business

I am constantly heartened by the wonderful people I meet every day who have turned their focus toward creating good business for a world with a future.

Not just good business, community groups, art, music, political activism. 

So many of us know that the way we do almost everything is failing humanity, our creatures and earth. We have turned towards the more beautiful world we know is possible.

The big question is how to do this that does not deploy the very same tools, structures, systems and ways of being that got us into this place to begin with.

That is the question we answer in Syntropic World. 

If we want a world with a future for Earth and all her creatures we must create new structures, new systems, new models, new language that does not have exploitation, extraction and colonisation embedded. 

Where the incentive to do everything is towards an increased wellbeing for all.

The tragedy is to take a beautiful idea and overlay it with the very same structures, models and systems that have created our current world expecting a different result.

Photo taken April 8th 2022

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