The Tesla S will arrive in Australia mid next year. There will be a very limited number of them available and their price tag will be plus $140k. Recently I sat listening to one of my family members, a die hard car aficionado, talking about this amazing piece of technology, and how he put his name on the waiting list early and paid the deposit to be one of the first to own the Tesla S in Australia.

This person couldn’t care less about the environment, about getting off fossil fuel, about climate change. Yet here he is, excited with anticipation about his new car.

Why? Because the Tesla S transcends green. It is beautiful, sexy, fast, doesn’t need oil for 12 years, tells you when there is a problem has the high price tag that says status. Its a car lovers dream car.

The genius of Elon Musk is to create a ‘green’ car that transcends green, that appeals to a market that couldn’t care about green. This is screwing business as usual.

Are you transcending green?

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