How we care about each other radiates into the world

Few people talk about the field of good business, good culture, and good community.

Communities of happiness, relevance, connection, care and dignity create a field that has a positive charge. 

Communities where it is a struggle to survive, people are exploited, the costs of living crush souls, healthy food is scarce, education is poor or not readily available, where drugs, violence and carelessness rule – create a negative field. 

Both communities have a precessional effect. One is Syntropic, where the spiral towards a higher order leaves most things better. The other is entropic, at a price too high to bear for the individuals affected and the citizens whose taxes have to cover medical and mental health and incarceration.

Yet we argue over supporting healthy communities and adequate housing, education and medical care, failing to consider we are all affected. 

Photo taken October 11th 2022

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