This week we watched hubris in leadership play out on the world stage of FIFA. And in Australia we are watching with horror as the tragic violations and abuses by representatives of the Catholic Church towards people (mostly children) in their care is brought to light by the Royal Commission, while some of the leading Church officials continue to deny knowledge of any of these horrendous perpetration’s.

That any leader can insist on being blameless when an organisation is as corrupt as everyone knows FIFA is, is the essence of hubris. That any leader, even if they really did not know anything, can deny responsibility, is a demonstration of the breakdown of the moral fabric of society by the very people who have taken office to defend it.

Leadership can be a tough gig. It means accepting responsibility for the wrongs of the people you are leading while they are on your team.

Any great coach knows this. If their charge throws a tantrum and displays extreme lows of emotional intelligence then that is a direct reflection of the coaches ability to lead and coach.

We live in a world where people want the gig of leadership…the status, the power, the prestige and the money…but refuse to accept the responsibilities.

It is time for this type of hubris in leadership to end.

Photo credit: Fotos GOVBA via Compfight

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