We know nothing about what we are dealing with. We do not have the right answers, only guesses based on hurried science and perhaps looking at those a very few steps further down the path.

Our institutions are no longer trusted at all by most. Decades of lies and sycophancy eroding any semblance of trust, now needed more than ever. 

Humility is to know we do not know. 

Humility is to name the process of decision making, to place it transparently for viewing, and to own the decision we have made might be right or wrong, or a thousand shades of in-between.

Any pretence at claiming certainty stands on hollow ground. 

Humility dignifies the truth of uncertainty, refusing to cloak it in superiority, cowardice posturing as bravery, righteousness, or arrogance. 

We might all stand in humility as an antidote to our currently divided world. 

I do not know for sure. I am not certain. I do not know for sure if I am right and you are wrong. I do not know for sure if my decision was the best path. I do not know for sure if your chosen path is a good one. I do not know. We will only know in hindsight. 

Photo taken January 8th 2022

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