I am here. If I can offer something, a word, a prayer, my skills, my knowledge, please ask.

At this time of writing, my daughter is on a flight home from New Zealand before the borders shut, my partner, who is in the Food and Beverage industry, is going to his last day of work until some future unknown date, and you, dear reader, are experiencing some form of rapid and unexpected loss, change, upheaval, as we all are.

We are truly all in this together.

I remember when Princess Dianna died, and how millions, or billions of people watched her funeral, all united in collective grief. I remember thinking that it was a significant moment in human history, the collective sharing of grief by so many.

This is a new experience for us, to be globally united in something so ruthless. To be stripped back to basics, to be given, in many cases, all the time in the world that we might have desired, and yet simultaneously, have many, most, or all of our resources cut, and such restrictions of movement that our world is reduced to rooms. 

On the other hand, those in the field of health work and emergency services are so overworked, so overcome by the enormity, the seemingly impossibility, of it all. Bless them. 

History teaches us, time and again, that massive change and breakdown is the fertile soil for the better. But we are far from knowing what that might look like. We can only commit to ensuring, through our own way of being, that better is what will come.

Every day, every hour, our lives are tilted. Planning seems futile. 

Sustenance, Soul sustenance, might be found when we turn to what we can do, what choices we can make, and how we bring ourselves towards this time that creates a better future for us, for ourd communities, an for the world.

Learn something new…in our house, how to make Sourdough bread, to surf.

Grow vegetables. Spend time speaking to loved ones around the world. So lucky are we that we can.

Start the blog, the podcast, the thing you have always wanted to start. Write the book.

Contribute to the learning of others..give what you know and have accumulated over a lifetime to support others in their learning.

More than anything, cultivate kindness, compassion, generosity. Spread the virus antidote.

I am lucky. I live in a country where we have more than enough food, amazing health care and a system to cope, and ample empty space. If for no other reason, I have so much to be grateful for.

I am here. If I can offer something, a word, a prayer, my skills, my knowledge, please ask.

March 23rd 2020

Photo taken March 23rd, 2020