I cannot imagine

Words fail me on this morning as a relic male of some old broken story flexes his muscles over a whole nation, perhaps even over the entire Western World.

I think of something smart to write. I have nothing smart to say.

I think of something moving to write. I have only sadness and stunned shock that this lunacy exists in 2022. 

I sense that Putin has been planning this for a very long time, considering how the West might respond and getting his preparation in place for all of the possibilities.

Clearly he cares little for humans, including the Russian people. 

And it is this very element of his shadow – his care-less for people – that is likely to be his undoing. People throughout history have a habit of rising up against the darker forces that seek to suppress, oppose and dominate.

I extend my heartfelt love and support to all the people under the clouds of bombs and guns. I cannot imagine….

Photo taken February 26th 2017

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