I f**cked up

Precious words. 

I made a mistake. I got this wrong. I screwed up. It is my fault.

Words not supported by a string of excuses, or deflected with other dramas. 

Words simply spoken. 

Show me a mistake free person? Every single one of us gets it wrong.

Why is it so very hard to speak these simple words, to stand in full sorrow for the choice we made that time demonstrated was not a good choice?

Why do we feel we need to justify our decision, to deflect blame, to throw someone else under the bus, to scapegoat?

Why are we so ashamed of our very humanness to make mistakes?

Next time you (or I)  get it wrong, perhaps try to say..I made a mistake, I am sorry. Then learn from the mistake and move on better from it.

Photo taken July 29th 2021

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