In service to life

If not in service to life what are we in service to? 

Life…all encompassing, beautiful, harsh, majestic, tragic.

The animation of a spirit that seeks to become manifest, often against insurmountable odds.

To walk upon Earth, the sacred ground of existence, and not hold our walking with the awe Earth and its infinite creativity offers us, is to diminish our own aspect that is Earth.

When we tear down life, when we cut down, burn and destroy the cathedral of our forests, when we infest our oceans with anti-life, we tear down, burn and destroy ourselves.

We might think it is for gain, but to gain riches of money as our children inherit poverty of life is to sign an agreement with entropy as the prevailing force.

Life is Syntropic. It seeks to become,  just as the forces of entropy seek to destroy and break down.

Entropy is an inherent principle in Universe design. Our task, the human task, is to actively and persistently be in service to life. To create syntropy. Just as the sun does.

Be light. Be Syntropic. 

August 25th 2019

Photo taken August 25th, 2019