In the flow of the moment

I got back in the water twice yesterday after two weeks recovering for what is known as a ‘fin chop.’ (The surf board fin cuts you, in my case six stitches in the lower left ankle, so no walking, running, swimming, surfing…all the sports I do every day.)

I was nervous. For many reasons…was it too soon, would I hit my wound, would I hurt myself again? 

In the first session I caught two waves, which was one more than I had aimed for. Nice gentle waves in a beautiful clean ocean. It was a joy to simply be in the water, paddling about with my love.

The second surf was in even smaller waves, and my confidence increased. I caught many waves.

I have determined that this episode of injury will make me a better surfer. 

That I will slow down, tune in…tune in to the ocean, the waves, the conditions, my body, the board…and partner with all of these elements.

I will take my time, choose the waves with care. Learn their language, which is not easy, as they change their language from hour to hour. 

And, rather than focus on the stumbles, I will hold clear where my board and I are going.

Until my injury, I had been in a rush, impatient with myself, wanting more from the time to learn had to give. 

In business and enterprise design I teach what I am learning to do after my injury in surfing. 

To speed up we often times must slow down. 

We might tune in to all the elements, our purpose, how we are making our purpose manifest, the context and field in which we are working, the changing environment and the people and their beautiful complexities. We might partner with, rather than try to shape to our desire. We might take the next step, and only then know what to do after that. 

We might stop ourselves from dominating, imposing, forcing, or rushing…

We have been trained to do the opposite. To go hard. To drive. To force. To push…

A Syntropic Enterprise is one that partners with the elements, with the emergent. Our role as the steward leader of a Syntropic Enterprise is to tune in deeply, daily, hourly, as everything changes.

It is humbling, beautiful, honouring work. And when we are in the flow of the moment, it is like surfing a wave.

Photo taken April 30th 2021

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