In the future of business will there be such a thing as full-time employees

I was asked recently to list how many full-time employees we have. 

The question had me pause. 

In the future of business will there be such a thing as full-time employees? 

In Syntropic World, we use the gorgeous tool, Synergistic Accounting, which asks people to nominate what they have the capacity, willingness and desire to bring to an enterprise or project, and what they expect in return for their contribution.

We consider an enterprise a living system. It breathes, evolves, emerges. 

It comprises people who are multidimensional, multi-skilled and have complex and rich lives.

Our enterprise architecture includes an agreement to accountability and responsibility. By design, the enterprise’s ecology enables autopoietic individual and collective evolution. 

The legal coding enables those who contribute and take risks to voting rights, and, separate to the voting rights, dividend rights. This keeps the incentives aligned with the purpose of the business.

Under this type of structure, where we design enterprise in partnership with Nature, I wonder if “full-time employee” would be relevant.

Note. The Pattern Integrity of a Syntropic Enterprise includes zero exploitation.

Photo Taken May 20th 2023

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