Inconvenient Truth

Truth is often inconvenient.

Which is one of the many reasons it is hard to speak.

It might ask of us to give up a carefully crafted identity, a status built over years.

It might torpedo our entire business model.

We might not want the truth of what is to be part of our ongoing existence because to do so would mean that everything we do will have to change.

Our world is built on a platform of lies. Not just the obvious and ridiculous ones spoken by leaders and politicians, but the very foundations of our economy.

Endless growth as a requirement for economic viability. Wealth that includes ownership. Infinite resources. Humans as commodities. Earth as separate to us. That the sun sets, or rises…

If we want a more beautiful world, if we want all humanity to thrive, then we are going to need to face the inconvenient truths. 

If we seek to solve for the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, then we are going to need a whole new mindset and new maps for how we create enterprise.

Inconvenient yes. Necessary Yes.

The time is urgent, inconvenience is a luxury we can no longer afford.

Photo taken April 16th, 2019