Innocence is shame-free

If we are accused of something that we know we are innocent of, what do we do? 

Do we defend ourselves? Do we privilege the accuser with a zero response, adding no fuel to fire?

How we respond is a measure of our character. 

It sits in the context of the office we hold. For those who have chosen to be in public office, we must also accept the heat of public scrutiny. They are entwined, like it or not.

In a world of manufactured lies and conspiracy, it is even more important that we hold our stand of innocence with dignity. 

“I did not do this thing, and I am willing to face all the evidence to the contrary.”

It is our response, our consistent, steady statement of innocence, plus our willingness to have any or all of the evidence brought to light that determines our character. 

The willingness to be completely vulnerable, without shame. 

The public will be persuaded by the media, by the cries of those who profit the most from our presumed guilt. Over time, they may also change their mind. 

When we go home at night and look in the mirror, is that person looking back at us someone we admire, respect and care for? 

Or do we turn our eyes away from our own gaze? Shamed?

Innocence is shame-free. Where shame lives so lives fractals of our own guilt. 

True innocence plays the long game. In the end, truth will out. 

Photo taken June 1st 2021

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