Integrity. A small word missing in action

Integrity. A small word missing in action in Australian politics. (And probably the majority of political parties world wide.)

To be your word. To speak truth. To not lie. To take on board the mistakes you make. To not pass the buck. To be trustworthy. To not scape goat.

To demonstrate courage, to make decisions that are consistent, thoughtful, all-considered. To stand in the heat even when it is scorching hot. To be there when people are faced with extraordinary difficulties. 

I watch the horror show of lies, spin, obfuscation, hypocrisy. Total cowardice. Arrogance. Supercilious smirks. I wonder, how did these people get elected? How did we, the people, roll over as the spin and lies have reached business-as-usual? 

They almost to a person disgust me. The rare exception is often ridiculed, caught in the field of disgraceful behaviour, those brave few who cannot be brought. 

The current leadership refuse to install a proper integrity commission. If you have nothing to hide, why would you not do this? Why would you not encourage an independent body to keep you honest?

These people are supposed to be exemplars. They are supposed to inspire us, speak for us, fight for the masses, not the elite few who hold the strings.

Our political system is broken. Lies need to be called out. Cowardice needs to be called out. Hypocrisy needs to be called out. We the people must lead this change, not just by voting, but by refusing to stand by in silence.

Photo taken May 28th 2016

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