Interpersonal Coherence

Interpersonal coherence is when a collective “we” are aligned and in parallel, as we continue our journey of life. 

The question we might ask is how do we create communities of interpersonal coherence in an increasingly divided world?

We might begin by reconnecting with the humanity of each of us. Remembering that each of us longs to be held and loved, to be listened to, touched, respected, given access, empowered to make choices, offered spaces and places of dignity.

We might recall that we are all interconnected and interdependent. That air you breathe is the same air I breathe. The sunlight that feeds us is the same. To buy our food takes so many people doing so many things…

The hand that reaches for us when we are down, is not our hand…

In a world that seeks to dice and slice, to measure everything, to take human relationships and commodify them, to turn everything over to the giant machine of data and AI, if we want to increase interpersonal coherence we must begin by reconnecting with the spaces of love, beauty, art, deep ecology, and profound intimacy.

To do this at the enterprise level is to restore humanity and dignity to the mechanised world of work. It will, as a consequence, unleash the wild creativity and generous spirit people long to bring to their work. 

We might begin with creating the space in our workplaces for personal stories, safety in sharing our wholeness, and other ways of breaking down the division between work and life.

This will not be a cost and loss, rather, it will enrich and benefit the enterprise and its purpose in ways that we cannot anticipate. Some of these surprising precessional effects will defy an impulse to measure them.

September 7th 2019

Photo Taken September 7th, 2019