Invite in the wild things

There is a natural dance between homogenisation and diversification. Humans for the most part desire sameness and safety. Nature loves its wild things. The aberrations to the path. The bird with wings that cannot fly. The beautiful vibrant berries that are filled with deadly poison.

Nature figured it out a few billion years before us. Yet we humans try to mould nature to us and in the process have created rather a mess.

The wild things prevent grooves. They seek new paths, plot twists, shocks to the system. They do not allow complacency. They call, yell out.. to be heeded. They will not be silenced.

So what does man try to do? Create a business that is homogeneous. Same, Same. Safe, Safe. Smooth sailing all the way. Robots for people, minus emotions, temper tantrums, and displays of heartfelt passion. No boat rocking allowed.

Where do the wild things go? The positive deviants and non-conformists, the misfits and the freaks? Or the people who simply have something to say, and want a place to be able to say it?

They go off and forge new paths, often alone. They refuse to conform to the status quo. They question the questions. They shred the consensus illusion. If you look around you, you will find them. They are the ones who are writing the future. The Buckminster Fullers of the world. The Seth Godin’sThe A.J. Leon’sThe David Whyte’s. The Christine McDougall’s.

An organisation without a place for wild things has already written its history. That history is decay.

Invite in the wild things. Bring them to the table. Guarantee for yourself and your business a state of aliveness. Rock the boat. Let people speak and be heard.

Remember the wild thing in you.  Ah remember…that child who raged..questioned…explored…lived raw? Let the wild thing come out to play.

November 21st 2018

Photo taken November 21st 2018