JackTanner is the CTO and co-founder of workonblockchain.com and has been involved in numerous blockchain projects and education events around the world since 2015. He completed a masters in computer science in 2017 and now lives in Amsterdam. He enjoys both business and technical problems and working with diverse teams in fast-paced environments. Jack is an avid globetrotter and has lived, worked and studied in the USA, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, England and the Netherlands.




Show Notes

Jack works in the tech space which is largely male dominated. He would prefer to have more diversity.

Living in Mexico and South America Jack was aware of the cultural difference of how women are treated. It is much more patriarchal. As someone who works with many cultures in the global virtual tech space, Jack has developed a heightened sensitivity to cultural and gender differences.

This also means that he has to set up virtual reviews and conversations in such a way that all participants are heard, considered, respected. Sometimes to do this requires a delicate balance.

Jack speaks on how we might change the diversity balance in the tech industry.

Adam Jacoby interview

Living in Latin America and dating a Latin American women helped Jack learn how to be more emotive and expressive.

Emotions are now part of Jack’s decision making process. He is not fully convinced this is the way to go.

Jack’s strength comes from his intelligence, and good values, such as trust, reliability and honouring your word. Plus being able to make good decisions that make you and the people around you happy.

“Giving without expecting something in return is a really good feeling.”

Jack would like to see more disintermediation instead of as much centralisation in the management of humans in the world.

Reinventing Organisations, Frederic Laloux

Jack perceives blockchain as a continuation of social evolution.


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