Just about everything we do is the result of another life

It is deeply personal when it is us, or our loved ones. A life taken. 

Yet strangely irrelevant when it is some distant other. Or thing.

Every day we thrive off of other life. Even vegans. 

From the food we eat, to the stuff we consume, labour underpaid, exploited.

Casualties. Perfectly fine as long as they are distant. 

The unheard, unseen. Easily forgotten.

We moved whole industries offshore to pay less for labour. 

We even call it labour. The work of a precious human born – all that potential – reduced to labour.

How are we so cruel? As parents, who do we even consider that our child should have more rights than all other children? 

So tangled are we in the scarcity-based mythology that has enriched so few for generations.

It is time to unshackle. 

To start again. 

To make central all human dignity. Respect for our Mother Earth and all her creatures. Not as the side show, a resource to be exploited. 

But as our centre…she who feeds us, loves us..

Our fellow humans as our brothers and sisters all.

And daily, to give blessings for the lives we are taking to sustain our own life.

Photo taken October 1st 2021

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