Must start from equal ground.

The moment there is a rule for one that is not applied to another, we begin an erosion of justice and trust.

As power and privilege grow, so injustice grows. It is easy to point from the ivory tower down at the people on the street, calling them names such as lazy, an expense to hard working taxpayers, blights on society. Easy to say when there is a different set of rules, often wrapped in tax avoidance and deals done for mates that advantages wealth even more.

For those of lesser means true justice is hard to pay for. Often times justice is completely inaccessible.

In Australia a group of refugees sit in detention into their ninth year, waiting to bring their visa applications to court. 

Immigration lawyers submit claims to be heard in the courts and wait 3 or more years for a hearing date.

Yet less than 36 hours after a request for a visa appeal some wealthy person gets a full court hearing, on a Sunday no less. An unprecedented event.

This is not justice. It only highlights the depth of injustice our society has accepted.

Photo taken January 16th 2022

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