Ever done something in perfect time…made the phone call…submitted the proposal…and everything synchronized and fell marvelously into place? This is Kairos time. Divine time…perfect time…harmonised time.

It could well be symbolised by the many buildings and streets around the world where the design was for the sunrise/sunset to be perfectly aligned at a specific time of the year. (Think New York city, Stonehenge)

Procrastination is sometimes the call of Kairos time…an inner NO that says wait…wait..wait…now go.

And other times procrastination is every cell in your body saying NO. Not now. Maybe never. Even when everyone else says go.

Then there is the procrastination that people fault…I am putting this off because it involves me doing something I do not want to do…for fear…for facing daemons

Patience is knowing when waiting is necessary. You simply cannot rush birth. Deadlines serve their purpose…yet knowing the hum of Kairos time is wisdom.

If we are filling our days with noise and busy-ness the opportunity to tune into time…Kairos time..will be missed. The ability to speak truth about procrastination may be ignored.

Time is a powerful tool. It requires attention, respect and acute listening.


Photo credits: Creative Commons License Chris Preen via Compfight

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