The leader needs to be at a higher stage of development than the organisation she leads.

Think of it like a high rise building with ten floors. From the ground the view is of only things on the ground, or down into the basement.

From the tenth floor you can also see the ground, but with less nuanced detail. However, you can see further into the distance…what is coming, the landscape, the potential affects of what is going on outside on the building itself.

The question then becomes, “How do we get to the 10th floor, or higher?”

Each floor is one of increasing complexity. The issues we need to be able to deal with will be more and greater. Not only do we have the stuff on the ground, we have all the issues that are far out in the field, heading our way.

This is what human development is all about…the ability to work with increasingly levels of complexity, to be more systemic, more integrated, more comprehensively considerate.

The simple truth is you do not jump floors…you must go to each new floor and expand your neurobiology to be able to handle what is thrown at you from this floor. (How many times have you seen someone given a role that they do not have the capacity to fulfill?)

And then you take all of those skills and experiences and rewired neurobiology and move to the next floor. But only when fully integrated at one level.

If we want to lead organisations that are redefining business, then we must commit to our own development in the highest way. There is no short cut.

Frederic Laloux in the wonderful new book  “Reinventing Organisations”  has spent time with incredible organisations around the world who work from a self management style. People on the ground make big decisions, like purchasing, hiring, etc. There are no HR or purchasing departments. And these companies are all doing very well thank you very much. But the key is the altitude of the leader and the Board.

As Albert Einstein said (paraphrasing)….we cannot solve the problems of the future with the same level of thinking that created them.

Want to create breathtaking future leading organisations?

Commit to your own development. (Ideally integrally informed…which includes being supervised by someone/a team who are at a higher attitudinal stage than you are.)

**I work with a few select leaders specifically on their advanced development. This work requires a high commitment over a period of time. Contact me if this appeals to you.

Photo credit: Matthew Smith via Compfight

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