The principle of synergy is that the behaviour of the Whole system is unpredicted by the behaviour of the parts when taken separately. No one can predict by looking at a poisonous gas (chloride) and a reactive metal (sodium) that when combined in equal proportions, we would get something we sprinkle on food. Table salt.

Synergy means that 1 plus 1 plus 1 might equal 100. Or a 1000.

Synergy is the geometry of a great team. That together we are multiples of times more efficient, agile, capable, innovative…than we are in isolation.

There is such a thing as negative synergy, where two or more people can create a minus times effect.

The chemistry behind a great team is an art form. There is a unique combination, and number, that enables a team in a particular moment to harmonise as one super team. This is why team coaching and team selection is a high skill. We observe this every day in team sports.

It is dangerous to assume that a synergistic team will be even greater when everyone on the team are superstars. For a team to really rock it needs the diversity of high talent and raw talent.

The great Champagne makers of the world know this…to make a truly remarkable champagne you need to blend exceptional with interesting.

If you seek to evolve as a leader in a synergistic way then a group of peers from diverse industries that has been carefully ‘blended’ by a masterful human alchemist/facilitator will enable the types of multiples of capabilities, innovation and leadership growth that you desire to emerge.

Like the worlds best dinner party conversation, you cannot leave the table the same person. The combination of people, food and thoughtfully selected spiciness will ensure the complete and alive engagement of all, with the conversation opening vast opportunities for collaboration, expansion and delight.


Photo credit: Creative Commons License Leonid Mamchenkov via Compfight

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