Learning how we learn

Each of us is different. How we learn is different. 

To learn how to learn is an often neglected element of any education program or self development tool.

How do you learn best? 

How comfortable are you with making mistakes? Is there a context in which making mistakes is terrifying? What is that context, and how might you change it so the terror is reduced?

How do you learn from your mistakes? (Assuming you do.)

What are the specific tools, and the ecology, that enables your better learning?

If you are in a pressure situation, what might you do to transmute your approach to this experience so that you have the ability to learn?

These are all questions worth considering. Love of learning is love of living, aliveness, engagement. To know what ensures that your learning is ongoing and actively embraced is to stay vital and alive. 

Photo taken May 6th 2016

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