We all reach a place in our lives where we are torn between two or three major decisions.

Where everything appears to be directing us to choose.

Yet there are times when to choose to go left or right is the wrong choice. Instead what we need to choose is to do nothing, to hold our centre. To stay still.

This is counter to many opinions about simply making a choice and getting into action.

The action required might be stillness. The act of not choosing is choosing.

How to know if this is the path to take…to stay still until the way becomes revealed? This is a living example of wisdom at play. It is the reaching into our depths and paying attention to the whispers of our soul, our intuition. It is the intentional putting away of the fears of missing out, of what inaction might produce in a world so addicted to action. It is the moving below the noise of these distractions to a truth that has no fear…instead only spaciousness.

It is the bone deep knowing that right now neither left nor right are the paths, and that the absence of the true path doesn’t mean it is not there…simply that it is not yet evident.

In some way this is divine procrastination. Tuning in to kairos time. Time for ripening that cannot be forced.

And in time, time that leaves aside our human agenda and the want to push results, the true path will be revealed.

Every cell in our body will say yes…

Photo credit:Creative Commons License Nana B Agyei via Compfight

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